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This one is dedicated to all the rivers in the nation...
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Had a dream about studying last night.
I think I might be applying for this chance. I cannot stand this situation anymore... -_-
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This morning, I checked my phone for any new videos (Which has become some kind of routine for me by now, admittedly.) and found one by Hello Fears on shopping [Clickedy Click.]... One of the points she made in this video was to "Collect experiences, not shoes". Now, I don't collect shoes, but I do get the point she has made with this video. In fact, the entire video was so interesting to watch... And resonated with me so much.

I remember some of the happiest moments in my life, and whilst I did spend money on some of them (Like tickets for travelling a certain distance, entrance tickets for concerts, and so on.), many were for free rather than huge amounts money-wise. Like, really amazing concerts. The entrance was about 30 € at the maximum, I think (Maybe more for the festival I attended.), but the shows I got to see, the impact the concerts had on me personally were priceless. Same counts for trips by coach or train or even plane... Of course, they did cost some money, but I didn't do it for the tickets; I rather travelled for the experiences on the other side of the destination. :) This even counts for very short trips... Other experiences that have stayed with me and gave me happiness, like rescuing a motherless kitten and helping it grow into one of the cheekiest cats I have ever seen :P, were indeed for free. Okay, I did spend money on baby cat milk powder and such, but other than that... It meant the world to me :). Or concerts I myself have played. Like the one for Japan after the disastrous earthquake in 2011... This is a priceless experience! Or learning new things, like knitting or sewing, or a new language.... It is far more valuable than owning all the things in the world.

Then again, she spoke about giving back to others, e. g. by teaching them something you can do and having a positive impact on others. I know I am fairly bad at explaining altogether... But sometimes I wish I could help others learn something new. For example, I have an e-mail pal right now from Egypt, who happens to learn German, and I am trying my best to help him learn it. It is not like my German is the best; it sure as hell is not, but it is a language that I know naturally... Which also means having internalised stuff like grammar rules without ever having been exposed to proper explanations as to how said grammar works. I also can play some instruments, but I often fear my students might be a lot further with playing than I actually am, so I am scared about this... Like, what if I accept a student and then he / she bursts into music so fine and delicate that I am just not able to teach him / her anything worth? The same applies for all things esoteric... For example, astrology or cartomancy. What if my students happen to be much better than I am? I know I should welcome learning myself, of course, but if they are paying to be taught something new, it is a personal struggle for me to just be better than them.

Personal relationships... I think she is right that such can make you happier & more fulfilled, too. I just wish I could see it more clearly sometimes, that not everybody hates me and such. And achievements -- I think this is a good advice and somewhat linked to the first point again (Collecting experiences!!). I mean, some experiences and goals are tied to each other...! I often have the feeling I have a hard time carrying through with some things I start. I start and start and start, but there is no visible improvement afterwards, and I feel like a complete loser and a lazy bum afterwards. I know one shouldn't bother about finishing stuff, but people tend to think the same about me (That I am lazy and a loser.), I have the impression. Like, "You should finish this." or "You have started it, now you need to finish it, too.", etc. And they tend to see in me that I have no strength to carry through with anything, etc. It just upsets me. I know I should not blame anybody for this, as they probably all don't mean it like this, but it just puts more pressure on me and makes me feel more antisocial... But then again, I am drifting away from the main topic here. :\ I cannot even keep talking about positive things.

Ah well, either way, it was an inspiring video. :)
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Started working on my (new) bullet journal. It is a bit odd, since I am unsure whether I should write down stuff going on this week or not. I, however, feel inspired to really choose a weekly picture and glue it into that, though (Thanks & credit go(es) to a youtube channel I discovered today; "dummesmaedchen" ^_^.). I also am thinking about ways to include the Level 10 Life into the bullet journal, as I really am very fond of the idea altogether. I think you choose ten areas of your life, whatever you want to improve, and then determine what level means what with regards to the ten areas. For example, you could choose something like "fitness" or "Career" or whatever, and then say, for example, you have reached a few smaller things already related to this, and then you say, "The next level will be that I will apply for this and that job." or "The next level will be that I can do this workout for one hour straight." or whatever. This is the way I understand it... I guess for everybody it is something different they'd want to achieve :). I hope I will get to ten areas, but even if I don't I will most likely still make a spread for this :).

Ah well, I think I will make a week's overview for this week. Just because a lot has happened so far, and I am scared I will forget some things. I also think I will add a vision board double page at some point, just because I find it really inspiring! :)
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Oh well, another "public" entry. ^o^

I found these tutorials today, even though I am quite sure I know the second one, which is for making flares out of jeans. In fact, I am pretty sure I have seen somewhere that people inserted other fabrics as the "in-between" so-to-say. Like really brightly coloured fabric or some with patterns that somehow stand out from the usual jeans look. I loved these versions :D. However, let's start with something completely different (Well, not really "completely" different, but sort of!): Here's a collection of ideas of what you can do to your shorts... Or how to make them yourself... Admittedly, I already fell in love with some of these. :) I don't know why, but somehow I really want to make some shorts (for) myself. It will be a lovely project, but I somehow cannot decide between several options :P, so we'll see what will happen there. ^_~

Then again, the flaire of flares: Jeans to flares. It is in German, but I do think it speaks for itself mostly. I do love the tutorial, though, even though I have never tried it myself. But can you just imagine what you could do with this tutorial? It would be amazing to make such flares for myself!! I love flares, always have to be entirely honest, but with this tutorial, I could flarify all the trousers :P... Because, let's be honest, the shape only sometimes really resembles that of flares. Most of the time, they are not wide enough in the feet area :P. As in, try to get real flares nowadays. Some of you may be lucky, but I never seem to find them when I actually look for them.

Anyhow, have a lovely rest of the day.
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As I am typing this I am watching a tutorial on YT on how to make a no-sew garter belt :). I somehow feel I have to get some faux leather now, for this very thing, or maybe just something stretchy yet - umm, I don't know! - soft like some kind of velvet. However, the latter would still act up in this tutorial, as the attachment is made solely by spikes (And I think those would tear the velvet? *This is an actual question; I am a total noob when it comes to working with fabrics like this!*)... ANYHOW, I am really in love with this tutorial. It seems super easy and doable even for me :P...

I wish I knew of more no-sew tutorials, but I got so many results just by searching on Google now, and I guess when asking pages dedicated to DIY stuff (Like Cut Out & Keep!), I will probably find even more stuff. I know you can work with stuff like glue guns or fabric glue, too, but the idea to use spikes for this is really amazing.

I am really thinking about sharing some tutorials on here, so beware, erm, look out for them to come! :D I do hope, too, that I can take some pictures of me crocheting something I have been having for a few days now, without touching it. :] Crocheting seems so easy, too, but I remember trying it as a child and all my crocheting seemed verrry tight and not really loose at all. I do hope I will have a better routine now after not crocheting for years :P.

Have a lovely rest of the evening, though! ^_^

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For (potential) friends? :)  )


Apr. 17th, 2017 04:45 pm
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How are you?

I hope everybody is doing fine.

I don't know yet whether I will post in FO mode or whether there will be much more content which is available for everybody... I used to feel quite anxious about posting too much "publically", but maybe this will change now.

Have a nice day!


PS: A proper intro will follow as soon as possible.

PPS: The mood theme is so cute!!


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