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Started working on my (new) bullet journal. It is a bit odd, since I am unsure whether I should write down stuff going on this week or not. I, however, feel inspired to really choose a weekly picture and glue it into that, though (Thanks & credit go(es) to a youtube channel I discovered today; "dummesmaedchen" ^_^.). I also am thinking about ways to include the Level 10 Life into the bullet journal, as I really am very fond of the idea altogether. I think you choose ten areas of your life, whatever you want to improve, and then determine what level means what with regards to the ten areas. For example, you could choose something like "fitness" or "Career" or whatever, and then say, for example, you have reached a few smaller things already related to this, and then you say, "The next level will be that I will apply for this and that job." or "The next level will be that I can do this workout for one hour straight." or whatever. This is the way I understand it... I guess for everybody it is something different they'd want to achieve :). I hope I will get to ten areas, but even if I don't I will most likely still make a spread for this :).

Ah well, I think I will make a week's overview for this week. Just because a lot has happened so far, and I am scared I will forget some things. I also think I will add a vision board double page at some point, just because I find it really inspiring! :)


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