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Hello, I am Rina. I am 32 years old (Will turn 33 next month. I cannot wait to rot further away :P!) and am living in South-Eastern Germany. I am a huge fan of music in general, but especially the genres linked to the goth subculture. Especially making music is my favourite past-time, it just lifts my mood instantly, and is some kind of therapy I am trying to use for myself. I am currently mainly trying to overcome some mental illness(es) I have been fighting with for several years now. It is hard and I am trying to find out who I am on the path there, as information on myself that is non-biased by my own views on myself is very scarce. As in, ask me what I think of myself, and I will tell you a nightmarish story, and I just don't want to believe my inner bully's words anymore.

I love animals, if you couldn't tell yet by my user name ;). I have one dog called Robyn, who turns three years old this year, and four cats - Minnie (turns 11 years old this year), Yoshi & Bart (brother cats who turn four years old this year) and Orion (who will turn three years old this year). Robyn is a border collie / whippet mixed breed male dog, who loves playing (obviously), but also sleeping when he is at home. He really resembles a whippet at times, e. g. when it comes for his "love" of anything dirty (He hates anything dirty.) and his speed when running, but also has the border collie genes; he is very intelligent and approaches whatever caught his attention in the typical border collie manner. Minnie is the only female animal sharing her life with my family and me; she loves being cuddled and usually is very calm... Her previous owner got her when she was only two months old, I think, so she suckles on blankets and clothes, to calm down. It is no problem for me though; I love her just the way she is. Minnie is a tortie, too. Yoshi is a bouncy, muscular tomcat. He was the one who took care of his brother when he was ill, and he also helped raising Orion... Bart is a gentletomcat, who's Robyn's and Yoshi's best friend actually. He also likes showing off his feet whenever one asks him: "Do you have cute feet?" And Orion... We got him the very day he was born, his mother had abandoned him. We bottle-raised him, taking turns with feeding him and getting some sleep in between, but really, I am so happy he survived and is one of the cheekiest cats I have ever met. But also, he jumps into my arms whenever I feel bad or when I come out of my room, and it makes me incredibly happy to just hold him. He also suckles on fingers, but just like with Minnie, it is okay, nobody really minds that. ♥

I play mainly the electric guitar and I am a singer. I have tried several more instruments, though, and can still play some of them quite well. I am currently really doing my best to work on my first album. I have been writing songs for as long as I can remember, actually. I do not really know what I should say about my music, as it is quite experimental. I just think it is a very therapeutic way to live through a day. I'd love to learn how to play several more instruments properly, too. I know I cannot play all of them (Just too many!), but I am especially interested in the shakuhachi for some reason right now. I love Japan and its music, and I don't just mean Japanese rock music (J-Rock). I also love working on other art works, though it is a bit hard to do something sometimes... But everytime I work on something and finish doing it, I am so incredibly, utterly happy.

& I love learning new things! I am currently thinking about joining some more online courses, and re-taking some others. I am not really the most organised person on this planet, even though I am trying so hard to be, but I just love asking questions I am interested in learning about and finding the answers myself. I also used to study Japanese studies and musicology at university for two semesters. I miss it so much. I also may not always be the fastest learner, BUT I do my best to encorporate freshly learned stuff into my life. For example, whenever I learned new things in music theory, I'd write a song with the new information I gathered, in order to see / HEAR how this would sound. Same was the case with new kanji I learned, I'd mostly write random stuff in Japanese then. Only downside was I mostly wrote these things on the pc, and forgot them in the long run then.

I am also into learning languages. Thus far, apart from English and Japanese, I also learned (at some points in my life) French, Finnish, Spanish, and Turkish. Also teaching myself Italian, Russian and Greek right now, along with Finnish and Japanese. Ah yes, I am one quarter Italian. I recently read the book "Maria, Ihm Schmeckt's Nicht" by Jan Weiler and somehow thought, "Wow, I am a LOT like Antonio for some reason!!" I blame my grandfather from Italy, whom I never got to meet in my life. Long story. Italian is such a fun language to learn, and I understand most of it already, but I cannot speak much of it myself. That's the curse of having learned Romance languages beforehand! Hmpf!

Also, I am interested in esoteric and the paranormal. The esoteric part mostly circles around various types of astrology, cartomancy, numerology and palmistry. I practice all of those. :P It has started when I was like ten years old and got my first tarot "deck" (Which only consisted of the Major arcana for some reason.), and I wasn't able to work with this, at all. However, when I was like thirteen of fourteen, I started making natal charts for friends and family, and interpreting the latter. I had one really good book I learned the natal-chart stuff from, and another really good one with interpretations. Afterwards, I got myself a decent tarot deck (The "Sacred Circle Tarot", if you are curious...), and started working with this then. I also tried out playing cards, lenormand cards, and oracle cards. I still am using the latter two, as for playing cards, this is not really speaking to me. Also I am still using tarot cards, but mainly the "Universal Waite Tarot" as of now. Then started getting into numerology, and then later on, I bought a book on palmistry, which is my newest discovery :). I am a lifepath 11 in numerology, by the way, and I have fire hands... I could write a lot more on this subject, but I will spare this for another entry :P.

I have a lot more interests of course, but I will leave you with this. I don't know what else I should say about myself as of now... So, have a lovely day.
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