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Oh well, another "public" entry. ^o^

I found these tutorials today, even though I am quite sure I know the second one, which is for making flares out of jeans. In fact, I am pretty sure I have seen somewhere that people inserted other fabrics as the "in-between" so-to-say. Like really brightly coloured fabric or some with patterns that somehow stand out from the usual jeans look. I loved these versions :D. However, let's start with something completely different (Well, not really "completely" different, but sort of!): Here's a collection of ideas of what you can do to your shorts... Or how to make them yourself... Admittedly, I already fell in love with some of these. :) I don't know why, but somehow I really want to make some shorts (for) myself. It will be a lovely project, but I somehow cannot decide between several options :P, so we'll see what will happen there. ^_~

Then again, the flaire of flares: Jeans to flares. It is in German, but I do think it speaks for itself mostly. I do love the tutorial, though, even though I have never tried it myself. But can you just imagine what you could do with this tutorial? It would be amazing to make such flares for myself!! I love flares, always have to be entirely honest, but with this tutorial, I could flarify all the trousers :P... Because, let's be honest, the shape only sometimes really resembles that of flares. Most of the time, they are not wide enough in the feet area :P. As in, try to get real flares nowadays. Some of you may be lucky, but I never seem to find them when I actually look for them.

Anyhow, have a lovely rest of the day.
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