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As I am typing this I am watching a tutorial on YT on how to make a no-sew garter belt :). I somehow feel I have to get some faux leather now, for this very thing, or maybe just something stretchy yet - umm, I don't know! - soft like some kind of velvet. However, the latter would still act up in this tutorial, as the attachment is made solely by spikes (And I think those would tear the velvet? *This is an actual question; I am a total noob when it comes to working with fabrics like this!*)... ANYHOW, I am really in love with this tutorial. It seems super easy and doable even for me :P...

I wish I knew of more no-sew tutorials, but I got so many results just by searching on Google now, and I guess when asking pages dedicated to DIY stuff (Like Cut Out & Keep!), I will probably find even more stuff. I know you can work with stuff like glue guns or fabric glue, too, but the idea to use spikes for this is really amazing.

I am really thinking about sharing some tutorials on here, so beware, erm, look out for them to come! :D I do hope, too, that I can take some pictures of me crocheting something I have been having for a few days now, without touching it. :] Crocheting seems so easy, too, but I remember trying it as a child and all my crocheting seemed verrry tight and not really loose at all. I do hope I will have a better routine now after not crocheting for years :P.

Have a lovely rest of the evening, though! ^_^

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